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Received awards

The TRONpos ANDROID LITE tax cash register received 2 prestigious awards within the MOS 2019 fair, for innovative software solutions and an innovative way of marketing applications for tax cash registers.

See for yourself!

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Are you deciding on buying a tax cash register?

To help you make such an important decision, we invite you to read the free guide, which includes answers to the following questions:

How much does a tax cash register cost?
What do I need to introduce a tax cash register?
How to choose a provider?


Simple tax cash register


Professional bar/restaurant solution


Sales solution for retail and wholesale


Superior workshop management

TRONpos odlikujeta enostavna uporaba in prilagodljivosti 

Table reservation, meeting customer needs, setting tasks for employees, managing coupons and more...

All this and more can be done easily and quickly through the TRONpos cash register system.

Tax certification of invoices
Promotions and sales  
Effective control
Flexibility and simplicity 
Connection possibility

Kvaliteten in odziven servis

Why choose TRONpos?

We guarantee that we will help you accelerate sales and increase the satisfaction of your customers! With our solutions, your company will operate safely and smoothly, and sales promotion tools for Upselling and Cross-selling will help you up to get up to 30% higher sales.

TRONpos is the pride of Comtron d.o.o., which is a leading company in the field of business software development and system integration in Slovenia for more than 30 years.


Active cash registers






Tax certified invoices per minute

Partners who trust us

We establish long-term partnerships with our partners and together we shape the way into the future

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